My return and writing a web series
POSTED BY Alan IN video production @ June 2, 2011 - 3:53 pm

Well it's been a while and you may have noticed that my whole site has now undergone a complete redesign. I decided I fancied a change...that and my other site just disappeared all of a sudden. Whether that was down to some ghost in the machine or someone hacking the site who knows. I hope you all like the new design hopefully it'll be a little easier to navigate if you're interested in reading some of my blogs, if you're not well then you're out of luck. I'm still working on getting a lot of my content back up so please bear with me and I'll get there as soon as possible.

This is really just a quick post to update you on what I'm currently working on. Right now I'm working on a few different scripts:

A Short that I suddenly got the idea for whilst sitting in 'The Gorilla Filmmaking Masterclass' more on this in my next blog

A feature I've been drafting for the past year. I decided it was time to actually get writing this as the ideas are starting to appear in various notepads and word documents, as well as filling a ridiculously sized note on my iPhone (not the fastest way to write your thoughts) seriously its like something out of 'A beautiful mind'. I often find that if I'm laying in bed and an idea pops into my head unless I write it down there and then I wont be able to sleep. Sometimes this leads to some great ideas other times when I wake up the next day I wont have a clue what these scrawlings mean.

The last project is the one that I'm most excited about. My good friend Steve Hill came up with a great idea for a comedy sketch which we've decided to make into a web series. Now this isn't something neither of us have any experience in but I think it could be really exciting and fun. Far to often I get my head stuck writing very serious pieces but this seems like a great project to refresh my mind and just have some fun. Steve has written a great opening episode and we've laid out some plans for another 5 its just a matter of writing them now.

This is by no means a short task but it is one I'm really looking forward to. I can't really say a lot more about it right now as we're in such early stages, what I can say is that we've already managed to secure our essential main location which is a real relief as a whole lot of the program will take place here. It also means we're not going to be constantly worrying about if we can actually film the damn thing once we've written it.

anyway I'll keep you all posted on the project and if anyone out there is interested in helping in the production side of things let me know I'm sure we'll be grateful of any help we can get.