Oldscool (a working title)
POSTED BY Alan IN video production, Web Series @ July 12, 2011 - 11:40 pm

Here and now I'm making a promise. No longer am I going to update this site sporadically, over the past few days I've really started to pick up the pace on the web series I mentioned a few weeks back. I've now finished writing the first 2 episodes and have just put out a casting call.

From now on I'm going to keep this blog updated with all the goings on of the project whether it be a bit of information on writing, casting or maybe just some production tips.

A few people have asked me why I want to create a web series so I thought I'd just share my views on this. We're at a point now where I truly do believe the traditional way of viewing TV is on its arse, due to the appearance of YouTube, 4OD and SKY+ as well as various others. Viewers have passed the stage of being dictated too, people want to watch the programs they want, when they want. A web series gives us the perfect opportunity to get in on this market, one that I can only see growing over the coming years. It's also a great way to get noticed by some of the industries big hitters. Finally you don't need a huge marketing campaign, sure if you have the money it would probably help but ya know what the 50p in my pocket probably isn't going to get me much air time or many posters printed. I do on the other hand have a great number of friends over all of the social networks who I know will share my work with their friends, and their friends and so on. I believe that the power is now with the small guys not the large corporations it's all about putting yourself out there and getting noticed.

This is the first series I've ever worked on let alone co-created so it's going to be a real learning curve, but one I'm greatly looking forward to. In the past I've only ever written short films. The major difference that I'm looking at right now is creating characters with enough depth that they can go on and on. Sure I may write an amazing character for a short film but he only has to exist for that 5 to 10 minutes. What happens when that character suddenly has to go on for another 10 minutes.....and another 10 minutes?

At this point I'll be honest I'm loving it. Whenever I write a short I end up with a dozen ideas that get thrown on the fire often this isn't because they're crap but purely down to moving the story forward. Here I can take those ideas and if they don't fit into one episode maybe I can use them further down the line.

Writing Oldscool has really given me a chance to share some of my personal (and friends) mishaps at university and this really has been great fun so far. I don't want to go into to many details but let me just share this for now, there will be a girl getting punched in the face. Yes I know it sounds bad out of context but wait till you see it on-screen exactly as it really happened I really hope it will give everyone a laugh at my expense.

Well as I said the casting call has just been sent out and I'm about to begin work on episode 3. It seems like we've already had some potentially awesome applicants who I can't wait to meet and the great thing is it helps to keep me motivated. Tomorrow morning I'll hopefully be heading to the student flat where the majority of the action will take place to get a few pre-production shots.

I really hope you'll all stick with me through this amazing experience where we can learn together. I'm sure it's going to have some massive ups and downs but who cares when it's all for the love of putting your project out there.