The juggling act and our series finds a name
POSTED BY Alan IN video production, Web Series @ July 26, 2011 - 1:09 pm

Well everything is getting crazy at the moment I'm trying to get things in gear with the web series at the same time as completing 2 other edits and actually doing my full-time job. I really wish that I could just jack it all in and commit 100% to making this project work but sadly that's not an option unless I want to very quickly become homeless. The problem I have is that as our main location is a student halls we really only have access to the location until the beginning of the new term after that we're probably out of luck. This means arranging the shoots to try to get all the scenes in the student flat shot before we go to any other location, so we're not only going to be shooting the scenes out-of-order we're also going to be shooting bits of episodes out of order.....all part of the juggling act

One little bit of relief is the show finally has a name, as you may have seen the show has until now been going under the name of 'Oldscool' this was never meant to be the final name (because it's bloody terrible) I hate coming up with names for projects it's always the last thing I do so I asked a few of my friends for suggestions. Within an hour one had come up with the name 'Degree in Life' instantly I knew that was the perfect name as it really sums the programme up. It really is essential to get the title right.

A couple of months ago when I was at 'The guerrilla filmmakers masterclass' run by Chris Jones (a great class that I really cannot recommend enough) he told us a story about a film he made back in 1994 called 'White Angel' it was about a novelist and a serial killer, not something that is easily recognisable from the title. Chris told us that for many years he had trouble selling the project into America. A few years later someone suggested that they rename the film. They did this changing it to 'Interview with a serial killer' the film was sold within the day. Now I'm remembering that story off the top of my head so it may be slightly off but I really think it shows that you have to think closely about your name and your audience if they don't feel an instant connection then you may be in for a bumpy ride.

So that's one little annoyance down. Tomorrow I'll be going through all of our applicants with Steve to see who we want to get in for auditions, this is one area I'm feeling really confident about right now we've had roughly 50 applications and some people who really do look great for the roles.

Anyway back to work take care people