With over 15 years working in Video Production and the last 7 specifically within the video games industry I always aim to deliver work of the highest possible standard.

Whether you have a well fleshed out idea for your video production needs or would like to find someone that can handle your entire development process your project is in good hands.


July 2019

Recently joining the team at Mediatonic has found me taking on many new challenges.


Joining a studio with no previous experience in video production 

sees me taking a pivotal role in determining the way that and its partner companies are seen by the industry.

February 2013

As part of the team behind hit MMO Runescape, I first found my way into the video games industry.

Leading a team of skilled video produces we would release at least two videos per week that delved into different areas of the game's world.

September 2016

Three years spent at Playfusion lead to me branching out from pure video production into a position as Narrative Designer.

Combining these roles allowed me to work on developing the narrative for huge IP's such as Warhammer Age of Sigmar.